Monday, January 16, 2012

Drawing and Thinking

In this age of technological immersion, are we on the brink of losing drawing as a talent, skill or cognitive tool? 

I, for one, worry that we are. I know that I am not alone. It was through a gadget that I returned to drawing after more than a decade away from it. This, and a focused mindfulness practice, has led me to a deeper inquiry into drawing states and the state of drawing. So, I am embarking upon an exploration of drawing as a means for personal development; to record the world; to practice mindful presence; as a tool for embodied action; to explore and generate ideas; to develop and communicate ideas; to plan and realize ideas; to gain new knowledge; and for the pure pleasure of creative practice and expression. I am drawing and I am researching drawing in the humanities, sciences, business, technology and design disciplines. Some end goals include; joining the international forces that are advocating the resurgence of drawing and drawing research; promote drawing as an activity for anyone and everyone through workshops and events; cultivate my own drawing practice along with writing, research and teaching on the subject. 

This will be a place that I can think and draw out loud.

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